Expanding universe... The most beautiful star among the many stars in the universe is the earth.
Clean and pure "Water" and "Air" which is distributed to every creature in the planet.
They are the gift from the nature.
Gushing out from a "Spring" with Tan (freshness)
The word "Tan" means ultimate in the world of the Chinese tea ceremony which has 4000 year history.
"Water" and "Air" which are the origins of life.
"Water" and "Air" which govern life.
"Water" and "Air" which is needed for wellness.
Now is the time. With gratitude
"Kindly for Global (EARTH)" Gentleness to our earth.
"Kindly for You" and kindness for you.
With harmony and mutual prosperity and development and with you.
With a mild-mannered personality, fuse our intelligence and power.
We will explore and experience
firsthand the intention and time with what starts with "Kindly."
Delivery of clean and pure "Water " and Air" to your living environment, That's our mission.
The company which pursues clean and pure "Water and Air", that is Impart International Co., Ltd.
"Kindly for the Global and You"
"Mutual prosperity"
"and harmonized intelligence"
We deliver our best product to my dearest customers.
We will make efforts with my dearest customers.
We will develop for wonderful future with my dearest customers.
We will share a "prosperous society" with you.
Everything with you...