Water conditioner
What is water conditioner... water purifier + electrolytic cell

Generally, "Water conditioner" is a system which electrolyzes tap water or purified water with electrodes and generates the following two types of water.
By electrolyzing, alkaline ionized water and acidic water are generated. Alkaline ionized water is suitable for drinking.
If you want to drink nourishing and safe water, you should choose a water purifier which removes chlorine (Cl) and toxic substances. Moreover, if you want water to utilize for your health and living, you should choose a water conditioner.

Water conditioner

Impart's water conditioner has a function to add sodium chloride (NaCl) to raw tap water so that strongly acidic water and strong reduced water (strong alkali electrolytic water) which are more powerful and effective for anti-virus to can be generated.
Difference between water conditioner and water purifier

Device which filters water and removes impurities is called "water purifier,"
However, "water conditioner" electrolyzes purified water and generates alkaline ionized water and acidic water. These two look the same at a glance, but they are completely different.
Water purifier filters tap water and removes impurities, but the property of the water is unchanged as neutral.
On the other hand, the water conditioner changes the property of the water by electrolyzing purified water. Change of the property of the water changes the effect on our bodies.
Types and characteristic of electrolyzed water

Each type of electrolyzed water has its own purpose and is useful for different kinds of things. It is important to choose the type of electrolyzed water that meets your exact needs. Major factor which determines the property and types of the electrolyzed water is the "pH value."

Water conditioner

Water conditioner is a medical equipment device -Advantage-

One of the major characteristics of the water conditioner is that is approved as a medical equipment device under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. The water conditioner generates alkaline electrolytic hydrogen water which contains much hydrogen which has high antioxidant properties through electrolysis.
The water conditioner generates alkaline electrolytic hydrogen water which contains much hydrogen which has high antioxidant properties through electrolysis.
Good for health
Alkaline ionized water is good for our health. Specifically, it has been recognized to be effective for improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms such as having a positive effect on bowel movement and relief of gastrointestinal discomfort. Continuous drinking of the output water will improve your gastrointestinal condition.
Also, the body of a human being, which is usually slightly alkaline, is easily to tire and become more prone to disease when it inclines to acidity. Since alkaline ionized water has strong reducing power which restores oxidized material to an original state, consuming the output water makes the body which is inclined to acidity return back to an original slightly-alkaline state and relieves your fatigue.
Acidic water which is generated simultaneously is optimal to use as lotion. Since acidic water has a astringent and skin beautification effect, they are effective when used for bathing and face washing. While the human body has a weak alkali property, the human skin surface has weak acidity. So, acidic water which has the same property of skin, improves skin. Since acidic water also has a disinfection effect, it is useful to prevent acne.
Making meals delicious and realizing good eating habits
Generated water by an alkaline ionized water conditioner is not only good for your health but also make your meals delicious. For example, boiling using alkaline ionized water makes rice and boiled food softer. Also, since using alkaline ionized water extracts ingredients contained in foods well, dashi and the taste of the raw material itself are extracted more. Because of its high extraction ability, it is very useful for removal of astringent taste. Moreover, its high extraction ability is suitable for making tea or coffee since it extracts the taste of beans and tea leaves well.
Also, acidic water will tighten materials. So, acidic water is ideal for using as water or hot water for cooking noodles or breading as a covering for fried food. If you use acidic water for cooking fried food, the covering will be a good crispy texture. If you use it for boiling noodles, the noodles will have chewy texture.