History of electrolytic hydrogen water
In 1931, Mr. Michisue Suwa, SYNNOHL Electric Co., Ltd., took note on the relationship between water and electricity and started to study on the impact on plants.
In 1950, Mr. Suwa who was a pioneer of low frequency electric therapy equipment, made an apparatus to properly explain the mechanism of electrotherapy for doctors and patients. As a by-product, electrolyzed water was produced.Subsequent various experiments showed that the electrolyzed water is good for treatment of disease and maintenance and improvement of health and safe to intake.Mr. Suwa recommended his acquaintance who suffered terrible urticaria to take electrolyzed water. As a result, in less than a few months of intake, he ceased experiencing hives even after consuming somewhat greasy or acrid foods and his chronic disease was remedied.
He was the very person at the head of the Research Institute of Police Science laboratories at that time. Many police-related people who heard this story started to drink electrolyzed water and various symptoms were resolved, respectively.
This episode was published as an article of a newspaper in 1959. Many people thought that "Since policemen are using it, it should not be cheating." From politicians to businessmen and then to world of show business, the benefits of drinking of electrolyzed water had spread by word of mouth.